Friday, May 22, 2009

No wedding day could be complete without beautiful floral arrangements, whether they're placed in the garden where you'll exchange your vows or on your table, they're a glorious and indispensable part of your day. They'll play a wonderful role in your wedding photography too, so it's important that they look fresh and vibrant.

Your flowers only look this fantastic for one day. Make sure your photography captures the richness of each luscious petal in fabulous closeups such as these. These gorgeous, fresh florals were created by the Village Green in Erin.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flowers Fade but Photos Live Forever!

Something to think about -: When you compare photographers and their services, try to find one who'll give you the broadest and most cost effective access to your images. Some studios or shooters may initially sound ideal, but you'll really start paying when you begin ordering prints.

This could significantly inflate your expected costs, and you may only end up ordering a fraction of the photos you've seen online - photos of relatives and others may be lost forever. Traversy Photography gives you a full disk of images that you can print and share. No ordering online and you'll have unlimited access to your wedding photography - it's yours to keep.

Traversy Photo - Experienced, Loves Photographing Weddings

A wedding embodies all the good things life has to offer: family, friends, love, and best of all, a great party! A good wedding photographer should be able to capture all those things for you so that you'll be able to relive that special day, long after your beatuiful wedding dress has been stored away.

Photography keeps that day alive forever. Make sure you hire a good, reliable photographer - it's money well spent!

Black and White - Simply Sharp!

Why do people love black and white photography so much? There are many reasons, but black and white offers a richness in a vast range of greys and elegant whites that are striking against the deep blacks and charcoals that can't be matched in colour photography. Black and white prints offer a timelessness beyond compare. These photos are warmed up so they are even more appealing and some selective focus lends a softness around the edges. All photos are retouched and are included in the price.

Specializing in photojournalism style with classic portraits, closeups, flowers and people. Special event photography: corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Photographing in the Metro Toronto area, east to Peterborough, west to London and north to Gravenhurst.

Published in Arabella Magazine, Toronto Star, Canada Newswire, Montreal and Metroland News: Caledon, Erin, Fergus and Georgetown.